Nutrition Students and Dietetic Interns

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Hi Nutrition Students and Dietetic Interns!

I know how stressful the road to becoming a dietitian can be. That’s why I’m offering FREE resources for nutrition students and dietetic interns to help them succeed in school. If you would like access to these resources, please fill out the contact form below and tell me:

  • Required: Your Name
  • Required: University Email (if you don’t have a university email please say so in the message portion)
  • Required: Program/University You Attend
  • Optional: Resources You Would Like To See

Once I receive your form, I’ll send you the password to the page within 48 hours. You must answer all of the questions above to receive the password. You can access the page for nutrition students here. If you don’t receive an access code within 48 hours please reach out to me at