Community Nutrition Rotations

Bell County WIC Office – Temple, TX 

  • Reviewed literature to update staff on the implementation of Baby Led Weaning
  • Documented nutrition note in VENA software
  • Created nutrition education bulletin boards and the nutrition tidbit portion of the county WIC monthly newsletter
  • Counseled high risk mothers to help them create a plan to gain adequate amount of weight during their pregnancy
  • Encouraged a pregnant woman to see an OBGYN and provided the tools to help her schedule an appointment 
  • Made recommendations to clients based on client’s living situation, food preferences, and income level

Excellence In Health – Central Texas 

Excellence In Health is a nutrition consultation business that serves healthcare facilities in the Central Texas region.

  • Created a cycle menu for a retirement community
  • Assessed patients’ nutrition needs at long-term care facilities
  • Counseled patients at an Endocrinology center

Meals On Wheels – Waco, TX

Healthy Eating Newsletter I created
  • Developed infogram showing nutrition risks among clients
  • Participated in community health meetings to encourage physical activity in Waco, TX
  • Created customer service survey and healthy eating newsletter
  • Delivered meals to clients

Texas A&M Student Health Services – College Station, TX

  • Created a lecture on Gestational Diabetes for 3rd year medical students
  • Coordinated with marketing department to collaborate on “Health Hut” event 
  • Lead grocery store tours for groups of 10-20 students
  • Developed handouts for patients on mindful eating

Veterans Administration Hospital – Temple, TX 

  • Taught nutrition classes focused on topics such as mindfulness, physical activity, general weight management, diabetes, and healthy cooking
  • Presented on a journal article to a group of Registered Dietitians
  • Counseled patients via Telehealth 
  • Identified mental health interventions and communicated patient medical needs to their primary care provider 

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Services – College Station, TX 

  • Designed a multi-week social media campaign targeted to college students, promoting fruit and vegetable intake
  • Conducted a food environment assessment on Texas A&M campus 
  • Taught Life 101 class, “Making Healthy Eating Convenient”