Cooking Challenges

In Contemporary Issues in Food Choice and Preparation I was instructed to work alongside a group of three students to produce a three-course meal in a lab period. Each week we received specific requirements, related to cost, culture, and nutrition, that our dish had to meet. Examples of our work is pictured below.

Left: This meal was a vegan breakfast consisting of a Southwest Vegan Tofu Scramble, fruit taco with chocolate breakfast tortilla, and a chia, quinoa, banana granola bar. The final meal contained at least three servings of fruit or vegetables and met 25% DV of Calcium and protein, and 30% of the DV for fiber. ESHA software was used to determine the nutrient content. 

Right: The instructions for this meal was to create a healthier, less expensive version of a popular restaurant dish. Our dish included a homemade fortune cookie, kung pao chicken, and chow mein to recreate one of Panda Express’ most popular menu items. Not only did our meal, featured on the left,  look more appetizing, it contained less saturated fat and calories and cost less than the original meal.