Virtual Farm Tours

Happy National Dairy Month!

My hometown, Tulare, CA, belongs to one of the top milk-producing counties in the nation. My neighbors were dairymen, my first job was at a dairy, and the cow’s feed was even grown right in front of our house! As you can imagine, I am passionate about the dairy industry and protecting its good name, so it frustrates me to see so many negative posts about the dairy industry that are deceiving and from misinformed bloggers.

When questions arise about anything, I encourage people to go right to the source for more information. That’s why I’m sharing these links for Virtual Dairy Tours, so you can go on a family (or individual) field trip without leaving your house! The beauty of modern technology! When you can move more freely, I highly encourage you to contact your local dairy for a personal farm tour. Most dairies love to educate people about their family-owned farms and what they do. Owning and operating a dairy is a tough business with little reward. It’s hard to understand what goes into production without seeing it firsthand!

Check out the videos below:

What questions do you have about milk? Check out my article on milk myths for more FAQ about milk.

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