Review of Food + Faith, How Intuitive Eating Aligns with the Word of Wisdom by Devrie Pettit

When I found out I wouldn’t get to (have to?) go anywhere for the next few months, I figured I could take advantage of social distancing to get my life together once and for all. While I didn’t get around to learning a new language or catching up on the mountains of laundry in my house, I did manage to read a book, Food + Faith, How Intuitive Eating Aligns with the Word of Wisdom by Devrie Pettit, MS, RDN. Pettit’s book tackles intuitive eating from a Christian perspective, particularly as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

As a fellow member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, I was curious to see Pettit’s take on religious fasting, the Word of Wisdom, and caring for your temple. Pettit’s book was a short, insightful read, with a large portion of the e-book being a reflective workbook. Whether or not you’re a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I recommend this book for those trying to find more food freedom and increased spiritual health.

Here were some of thoughts I had while reading Food + Faith, How Intuitive Eating Aligns with the Word of Wisdom: 

  • The Lord loves me not because of my outer appearance, but because I am his daughter. To truly find freedom from food, diets, and my insecurities, I must see value in my divine identity as a daughter of our Heavenly Father. 
  • When we are afraid of becoming fat, it is not the weight gain we fear but instead the fear of loneliness, unworthiness, rejection. The Lord wants give us peace and find strength to face these painful feelings.
  • We often find safety in eating disorders or “diet rules.” These only provide temporary feelings of security. Lasting feelings of safety and serenity come from the Lord. Diet culture is not aligned with our Heavenly Father’s ways because it’s about having control rather than trust. When we intuitively eat, we are trusting our bodies, the way God made them. We cannot live according to His will when we insist on controlling every aspect of our lives, including our diet. 
  • Punishing yourself for what you ate doesn’t improve your health. Tearing yourself down does not help you rise. You do not become more Christlike by showing yourself hate. I do not love the Savior more by wallowing in my insecurities or beating myself into perfection. 
  • We have been asked to develop our talents to help spread the Gospel and alleviate suffering in the world. The obsessiveness over weight and my diet have prevented me from developing my gifts. I cannot do the Lord’s work when my time is only filled with meal prepping, exercising, and meal planning. 
  • The goal is to take care of my body. Not my looks, my body. Therefore, I need to care for my mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, AND physical well-being. 
  • Intuitive eating is lead by the spirit. The best way to eat healthfully and balanced is by following your gut (excuse the pun). Deep down, you know what your body needs. Eating healthy isn’t meant to be complicated or confusing! 
  • Health does not equal morality. We are not better disciples by what we eat or the number on the scale. Eating healthfully does give us more energy to do the Lord’s work and help others, but it doesn’t make us more or less valued as a disciple of the Lord. 
  • Satan does not have a body, so he wants to use our bodies to make us feel miserable like him. When we are too busy thinking about our bodies, we do not spend enough time thinking of others. 

To buy the e-book, check out Devrie Pettit’s website, Happily Fed.

Food + Faith: How Intuitive Eating Aligns with the Word of Wisdom by Devrie Pettit for $18.

If you read the book, let me know your thoughts @isabellabrownnutrition

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