The Ultimate Half Marathon of 2020

Since COVID19 broke out, I’ve been a little couch potato, but I am changing that tomorrow! Dan and I have decided to run our own home half -marathon and we’re inviting you to join us (in a land far, far away of course). The Event Organizer (a.k.a. Dan Brown) has declared this year’s race will be called The Isabella’s Nutrition Spirit of The Cav Celebrity Fun Rabies Pro Am Virtual Race For The Cure, inspired by Michael Scott’s infamous 5k.

What Are The Perks Of Running A Home Half -Marathon?

  1. It starts whenever you want it to start.
  2. You can take as many breaks as you want.
  3. You design the trail. Hate running races on hills? Not a problem here.
  4. Gives you something to brag about.
  5. You get some fresh air.
  6. It’s Free.

Note: Please do not start an exercise program or run a long race without consulting your doctor first. Please stay home if you have any symptoms of COVID19 or have been in contact with anyone who might have possibly contracted the disease. I am not responsible for any injuries that come from this race. You run at your own risk. This is also not an official, registered race.

Rules Of The Race:

  1. To finish the race you must walk or run 13.1 miles. You have one week (168 hours) to make this trek.
  2. Do not race alongside anyone who is not living in your home.
  3. You must race either at home on a treadmill or in an open space where it is unlikely you will be within six feet of someone.
  4. Have water and electrolyte replacement nearby.
  5. You must tell someone you are going for a run. Please run in a safe, well-lit area.

Here Are Some Supplies You Might Want To Have For Your Home Half -Marathon:

  • Matching shirts if running with your plus one
  • Running bibs – Download race bib below
  • Snacks, water, and electrolyte replacements – Download refreshment table sign below
  • Go Pro, camera, or phone to record this momentous occasion
  • Something to count your laps/miles and time
  • Music
  • Medals made out of objects around your house – Be creative!

After you complete your 13.1 miles, fill out this form to receive a signed certificate. The last day to complete the form will be April 25th, 2020.

Post pictures of your race using the hashtags #INSCCFRPAVRC, #spiritofthecav, #isabellabrownnutrition. Tag me in your photos @isabellabrownnutrition.

Good luck! Stay safe and healthy!

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