10 Free Apps To Help You Reach Your Health Goals

See How You Eat Food Diary App

See How You Eat has a simple design that allows users to take pictures and write notes about their meals. The food diary creates awareness about your dietary habits without being obsessive or time-consuming. 

Available for IOS and Android. 

Plant Jammer

Plant Jammer is essential for those who are new to eating vegetables. It provides a list of ingredients to pair with each vegetable and simple recipes to help you increase your produce intake. 

Available for IOS and Android.


Nourishly is impressively comprehensive. With this app, you can track mood, symptoms, intake, activity, thoughts, and more without focusing on calories or numbers. The best part is you can share your logs with your health care providers so they can provide more individualized care. 

Available for IOS and Android.


Supercook finds hundreds of recipes using ingredients in your fridge. This app especially comes in clutch when I don’t have time to run to the grocery store.  

Available for IOS and Android.

Eat the Rainbow Food Journal 

Eat the Rainbow Food Journal encourages eating a variety of plants of different colors. The food journal tracks nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, leaves, vegetables, and fruit intake. The idea is that the more color and variety in your diet, the more likely you are to meet your nutrient needs. I recommend using this app to evaluate your weekly intake of fruits and vegetables since the daily goals are somewhat difficult to achieve. 

Available for IOS and Android

Start Simple With MyPlate 

Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound) Goals are the key to achieving lasting healthy changes. That’s why I love the Start Simple with Myplate App. Based on the USDA MyPlate diet recommendations, this app helps those who are new to healthy eating, make small, simple changes that work for them.

Available for IOS and Android


Ate allows users to see if their daily choices align with their health goals. Users pick a weekly goal then after each meal state whether or not it was “on the path” or “off the path.” 

Available for IOS and Android.

Magic Fridge

Finally commit to your goal of reducing food waste by using Magic Fridge. Similar to SuperCook, Magic Fridge provides ideas on how to cook different ingredients in your cabinets.

Available for IOS and Android.

Just Dance Now

Staying fit doesn’t have to be boring. Playing Just Dance Now is a fun way to move with your family while you’re all stuck inside. 

Available for IOS and Android.


FitOn contains a variety of exercises for all fitness levels. Don’t own any workout equipment? No worries. FitOn just added a series of at-home workouts you can even do with your kids. 

Available for IOS and Android.

Bonus: PopSugar Youtube Videos

I love PopSugar youtube videos! I hated working out before I started following PopSugar, but now I workout almost every morning! They have videos for all levels and workout styles. Check out one of my favorite videos: 30 minute Tabata Workout .

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