Nourishing the Body and Soul

Did you know even the scriptures talk about moderation in everything? ⁠

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we believe in a health code, that when followed, will provide physical and spiritual benefits. In 1833, the Lord revealed to us foods for nourishment and which ones to avoid; however, this isn’t the first time the Lord has guided us on what we should or should not eat (see 1 Corinthians 3:16–17).

The entire health code, known as The Word of Wisdom, can be found in Doctrine and Covenants Section 89.

Here is what it states:

  • Harmful substances include: alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee
  • ⁠Encouraged foods: vegetables, fruit, meat in moderation, whole grains

The church also encourages physical activity and adequate amounts of sleep.

Long before there was an Academy of Nutrition or USDA, we had the Word of Wisdom, but yet it almost aligns perfectly with current evidenced-based nutrition recommendations. Pretty neat! Besides the obvious physical blessings from eating balanced meals, here are other benefits we receive from following this health code. 

All saints who remember to keep and do these sayings, walking in obedience to the commandments, shall receive health in their navel and marrow to their bones; And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures; And shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint.”

Doctrine and Covenants Section 89

Following the Word of Wisdom has not only improved my health, but it has helped me develop the courage to stand for my beliefs and sacrifice for what I love, in a world that teaches me to care only about what benefits me at the moment. 

Speaking of scriptures…Tomorrow is the first day of the Church of Jesus Christ’s two-day April General Conference. General Conference is a fantastic opportunity for people of all faiths to listen to uplifting messages of hope during these scary times and to Hear Him! 

This gospel has changed my life and I know it can change yours. I encourage you to be an honest seeker of truth. That’s how I found the answers to my biggest questions in life, and along with it I found peace, joy, and everlasting happiness in my Savior and Heavenly Father.

Check out the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints website for more information on how to tune in!

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