Happy New Year

I started the decade, deciding I wanted to be a dietitian. I’m leaving this decade with RD after my name, a full-time job, and a website in its early stages of development. I’m not telling you this to boast. I’m sharing this because IT TOOK TEN YEARS FOR ALL OF THIS TO HAPPEN. There were ups and downs. Unexpected twists and turns. Almost failing my first chemistry class. Passing out multiple times during rotations and courses due to a fear of needles. Times when I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing a single thing. Just regressing not progressing. So when you start to feel down about all the things that didn’t happen this year, or even this decade, remember that “by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” (Alma 37: 6). It’s by doing our daily activities a little bit better and having faith and patience, that we become something more. You’re changing, growing, and accomplishing without even realizing it. As my husband says, “Our lives are like the stock market. Up and down with gradual gain over time.”

So here’s to a new decade. Hang in there! I’m rooting for you!

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