Challenging Food Rules

Have you ever labeled food as “bad” or “good”? What makes one food good while another bad? ⁠

It’s crazy how we let food dictate the way we feel about ourselves.

I love grilled cheese sandwiches, but for years I didn’t let myself eat them because they were “bad for me.” Instead, I would choose a low calorie, low-fat option, (the “better” option) and ended up feeling deprived and unsatisfied. This obsession with not eating the sandwich led me to overeat every time there was grilled cheese on the table. Crazy how food can have so much power over our feelings.⁠ I was feeling guilt, shame, failure over a slice of bread and cheese.

Once I started to challenge these labels and my food rules, I saw that the bread provided me energy and the fat and protein from the cheese helped me stay full during my long classes. Now, what’s bad about that? Removing “food labels” helped me eat without guilt, and therefore learn how to eat in moderation. This weekend, I encourage you to challenge one of your food rules/labels to start learning how to enjoy the foods you love once again.

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